Established in 1833, the OÖLM is currently the largest and most important museum institution in the state of Upper Austria.

The OÖLM maintains extensive collections and scholarly archives as well as permanent and special exhibitions in the fields of nature, culture and art history.

The institution of the OÖLM manages numerous locations with a variety of focuses: the Schlossmuseum, the Landesgalerie und the Biologiezentrum in Linz as well as a series of museum institutions in the Federal State of Upper Austria.

The point of origin for all of the museum’s activities are its objects. These are at the heart of its research and educational agendas. The aim is to make the historically and currently relevant objects tangible to people and to convey their significance – for the museum to thus also be able to meet its educational remit.

In terms of the international definition of a museum the OÖLM also realises work in the fields of collecting, preserving, researching, exhibiting and teaching for the entire breadth of natural, cultural and art history: Collections and archival holdings are expanded, maintained and looked after systematically as well as in accordance with conservational/academic standards. The patrimonial research is also of importance: Independent contributions, working groups and networking with other academic institutions enable a high level and international orientation in the field of regional studies as well.

An extensive offer of educational activities addresses itself to a variety of visitor groups. In addition to permanent and special exhibitions there are also scholarly, cultural and pedagogical special events.

Contemporary public relations work and marketing activities are designed to communicate the museum’s services to all areas of society and intensify collaborations with a variety of partners from the fields of culture, science and economics inter alia. Not least of all the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum regularly publishes in order to present scholarly works accompanying the extensive collections to different target groups.

The OÖLM also sees itself as a consulting and support centre of the State of Upper Austria for specialised issues.

The OÖLM strives to critically reflect its traditional and current scope of duties and develop them towards renewal, also aiming to achieve a high level of societal identification with the institution of museum. It is ultimately concerned with creating a sustainable response to the museum’s content and activities and enabling greater diligence in interacting with culture and nature.

The OÖLM considers itself a service-oriented cultural institution and its offers reflect the best possible visitor orientation.

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