The Roman Age, Middle Ages and modern era archaeology collection is characterised by active research and collection activities and currently contains over 100,000 objects.

Roman Age objects were already a focus of interest when the museum was founded in 1833. The first scheduled excavations were carried out in Schlögen (1838 - 1840) and Oberranna (1841). Also subsequently the Limes research with its main focus on Lauriacum/Enns and Lentia/Linz were also of particular significance for the collections. There has been a second research emphasis since the mid-20th century on the area of the Limes hinterland with its civilian settlements. The Middle Ages and modern era archaeology collection has been successively developing since the 1980s.

The Roman Age focus is still on the field of Limes research (Lauriacum/Enns, Lentia/Linz, Wilhering watchtower, Schlögen, Oberranna) as well as on exploring the hinterland. Finds from excavations of churches, castle, castle fortresses or production facilities shape the collection of Middle Age and modern era archaeology. The unique Höllhuber collection was acquired in 2005. Important exhibits of this collection are on display in the OÖ Burgenmuseum Reichenstein. Of special significance is also the quantitatively by far the largest part of the archaeological collections, the materials from excavations in the Linz castle area (2006 - 2009). The collections are constantly expanded through excavations and donations.

  • Limes research: Close involvement in the "UNESCO World Heritage site Danube Limes in Austria and Bavaria" and "Landesausstellung 2018 – Die Römer am Donaulimes" (Working title) projects [Regional exhibition 2018 - the Romans on the Danube Limes]
  • Limes Hinterland: Current key regions are the areas around Ovilavis/Wels (villae; Noric main road) and the Salzkammergut (villae; Hallstatt)
  • Erdstall measurements and excavations in cooperation with the Landesverein für Höhlenkunde in Oberösterreich [Regional society for speleology in Upper Austria]
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