The collection contains objects from the 9th to the 21st century. It includes all of the common weapon categories, which were used for representation, for athletic strengthening, for the hunt as well as for the purposes of waging war. Numerous Upper Austrian fortresses, castles and monasteries are the origins of various objects in the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum’s weapons collection.

The comprehensive basic inventory of historic weapons was compiled in the 19th century. Numerous Upper Austrian fortresses, castles and monasteries were the origins of the various objects. However, the collection not only contains local weapons but also includes numerous imported pieces and foreign products, e.g. from Nurnberg, Innsbruck, Vienna, Passau and Solingen, Munich and Suhl. Exotic objects came from Constantinople and Southeast Asia, among other places. Objects from European armourers came to the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum primarily through the endowment of Emanuel Ludolf, Ambassador in Rome and Austrian diplomat in Constantinople, in Paris and in the Haag.

The collection of historic weapons currently includes approx. 4,400 objects. These date to the period from the early 9th to the 21st century. On display here are defensive weapons, horse equipment, staff weapons and bludgeoning weapons, edged, cutting and thrusting weapons, however also firearms and fireless firearms. Some of the pieces are also prominent, coming from the possession of high Turkish dignitaries as well as from imperial holdings.
The permanent exhibition with the most important objects of the collection is located in the Linz Schlossmuseum. 19th and 20th century weapons are on display in Schloss Ebelsberg.

Military history collection Schloss Ebelsberg

Tours of the exhibition are possible at any time by telephone and appointment. These are carried out by Mag. Reinolf Reisinger or Mr Heino Hintermeier.

Information and referrals for a tour are handled by Ms Mag.ª Isabella Maria van Helberg.
T +43 (0)732 3076 32

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