The collection – the most extensive of its kind in Austria – unites objects on the history of customs and financial administration as well as tax and customs in Upper Austria. In addition to archival holdings, these are, for example, taxation systems documents, such as vehicle tax cards, documents on excise duties, including tax on playing cards (1638 – approx. 1955) etc. A special focus is the collection of several thousand revenue signets and revenue stamps.

The history of customs and finance collection belongs to the latest portfolios of the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum. From the 1950s the financial official, Dr Karl Wimmer, compiled a collection of objects on the history of customs and finance in the former central customs office and in the Urfahr tax office, which he donated to the State of Upper Austria in 1977. At the end of the year 1994, Karl Wimmer put aside his voluntary activities for health reasons. The specialised work is correspondingly continued by Walter Pils.

The collection grew rapidly under his aegis. A second depot was built in the former state financial authority for Upper Austria building on Zollamtstrasse 7 and an additional small exhibition site was created in the same building.

In the years 2012 to 2014 the holdings were successively transferred to the Mühlviertler Schlossmuseum Freistadt and stored there in a display depot, which can also be viewed with restrictions. Parallel to this the administration of the collection gradually passed from Walter Pils to the team of the Mühlviertler Schlossmuseum Freistadt under the management of consultant Fritz Fellner.

The holdings currently encompass approx. 7,500 objects on the history of finance and customs in Upper Austria. Among these are service operations objects, including uniforms (from the mid-19th century), distinctions (distinguishing signs of uniformed officials), job insignias and commendations, pieces of equipment and service weapons, identification cards, tracing documents, stamps and seals.

Contained in the collection are also scales and other measurement tools, as well as calculators and typewriters and duty room furnishings.

Interfaces to other collections consist of portfolios of publications (Library), to a lesser scope also for the Militaria collection.

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