The "Militaria" collection includes objects, which are associated with the military units formerly stationed in Upper Austria. In addition, military uniforms comprise an important section of the collection. On display are also weaponry and siege warfare technology in the form of models and images.

The military history collection has existed since the 1960s and was created through the acquisition of the remaining inventory of the former Hessenmuseum and from the Museum of former “Zweier-Schützen” (privates). In addition, all of the military history objects came from the historic weapons collection.

The holdings currently encompass approx. 3,700 objects. Present are not only events such as the conquest of Linz in the year 1742 by Count Khevenhüller and the Battle of Ebelsberg in 1809. One special highlight from a local history perspective is the figurines, which represent members of all of the troop corps garrisoned in Upper Austria. The stages of development of the rifle are illustrated from approximately 1700 to the present. Noteworthy here are above all the Werndl rifle and other products from the Steyr weapons manufacture. A small portrait gallery rounds out the military history collection.

The permanent military history collection is located in Schloss Ebelsberg.

  • Flags project: In the collection there are numerous flags, which are currently stored in rolled condition. These are taken out in the course of an in-house project, rolled out, identified, measured and professionally photographed.
  • Documentation of the uniform collection by Fritz Heiserer: The revision of the extensive Heiserer collection had already begun prior to 2004. The first section has meanwhile not only been inventoried, identified and documented with work photos but professionally stored by a textile restorer.
  • Since 2009 the Hessen Archive has been recorded in a database. The aim is organising the very heterogeneous collection (Field post, cartographical materials, orders, photographs, etc.), the conservational proper safeguarding and providing information for research purposes.
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