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Schlossmuseum Linz / 07. Oct. 2020 till 27. Jun. 2021


Anna Heindl

Duration of the exhibition: 07.10.2020 – 27.06.2021

A display of the jewellery art of Anna Heindl in its entirety resembles a journey through her life. Over the course of her biography she negotiates a cornerstone of her life with each unique piece. From moving into a house with a garden and her fascination for paintings to immersing herself in the phenomena of the universe and the oceans - Heindl's fundus is a lived and felt history, which she follows in series of works and, like a modern alchemist, often creates small, valuable sculptures from base materials. Each of them, individually or as a collective group, draws its aesthetics and effect from the originality of the design, its creative theme, its form and, last but not least, from the dialogue with its wearer. For it is only through the wearers that the works of art become ornamental pieces and develop a communicative power. Putting on Anna Heindl's precious and articulate creations, is to wear beauty that forges identity and manifests itself as a statement: The artist and her collector become jointly visible through the piece; it communicates with its surroundings and becomes performative - what is more desirable for art than that?

In the Schlossmuseum, the entire cosmos of the sculptor, painter and jewellery designer from her beginnings to the present day is revealed for the first time.

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