Set off on a Journey to Never-Never Land

Discover the Höhenrausch Roof from a different perspective.

OÖ Kulturquartier / 10. Jul. 2020 till 15. Sep. 2020

In keeping with all corona regulations (face coverings, social distancing ...), the Höhenrausch roof is being transformed into Never-Never Land - an artistic place of longing inspired by Greek antiquity.

Visitors can look forward to a sensuous experience of a magical kind - oscillating between heaven and earth, reality and fantasy. Take a stroll, reflect, relax, enjoy the transformative power of art from afar and take a break from the mundane.
Each day from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m., guests can chill in hammocks, unwind, take a walk on the Passage roof while listening to the sounds of the New Yorks, stroll through the cherry orchard or simply hang out in the bar in the raiffeisen kunst garage. Art films that are rarely shown in cinemas are played on the big open-air screen in the voestalpine open space in the evenings. In cooperation with Stifterhaus, Luftschloss readings are held every Friday, where young authors are invited to read from their own works and those of deceased writers.

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Mo - Sa: 16 bis 23 Uhr
Der Keine-Sorgen-Turm am Dach ist ab 17. Juli (Mo - Sa von 10 bis 16 Uhr) über das Passage Linz zugänglich. 

Eintritt 5,- ermäßigt 4,- / Kinder, Jugendliche 2,50
Familien 10,- / 6,- (mit OÖ Familienkarte 9,- /5,-)
Dauerkarte 19,-

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