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Dirndl. Tradition goes Fashion

Marmorschlössl Bad Ischl / 19. Jun. 2021 till 31. Oct. 2021


Dirndl. Tradition goes Fashion

For over 170 years, the dirndl has stood for tradition and fashion in equal measure. What was originally a functional work dress for the „Dirn" or maid, was worn around 1900 by city women as a fashionable dress for the summer in the countryside and even managed to break the centuries-long dress dictates of the nobility. The popularity of the dirndl has made it a symbol of Austria. Yet it is more fashion than tradition. The exhibition Dirndl. Tradition goes Fashion shows the exciting and changeful development of the dirndl from the traditional "Gwand" in the Salzkammergut to the haute couture model of Susanne Bisovsky and Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood. "Fesch". Fascinating. Fashion.

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