Höhenrausch - Like in Paradise

OÖ Kulturquartier / 06. May. 2021 till 17. Oct. 2021


Fragrant love poems, a garden of mirrors with cherry trees, an artificial flock of birds as a tree of memory, a growing artwork of artificial fertilizer, and fans ecstatically singing Madonna songs: More than 40 international artists have transformed HÖHENRAUSCH into a realm that’s just like paradise with their enchanting projects, offering spaces for personal dreams and peeking behind the facades of commercial illusions.

LIKE IN PARADISE: Today, the term is an integral part of our everyday culture and consumer world. Whether we use the word as a designation for shopping malls, holiday destinations, or swinger clubs, we create our own “artificial paradises” that give us, or at least promise, brief moments of bliss.

The multi-part exhibition trail leads through the OK Center, onto the rooftops of Linz, up atop the historical attics of the former Ursuline convent into the Ursuline Church. Unforgettable impressions for young and old!

Curators: Martin Sturm, Rainer Zendron
Photo: Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger, Opferstock, 2020

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