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Meet Your Maker

Schlossmuseum / 08. Sep. 2020 till 13. Dec. 2020


Meet your Maker

The crucified Saviour is one of the central themes of Christian art. On the one hand, the agonising death of Jesus Christ on the cross symbolises the salvific sacrifice that God made for mankind, and on the other, the moment of transcendence from the earthly world into the Kingdom of God. For the people of the Middle Ages this belief was as existential as it was abstract - for today's audience it is usually less existential, but significantly more mystical.
The juxtaposition of a monumental Early Modern crucifix with Christian Lemmerz' Virtual Reality artwork "La Apparizione" (2017) enables the audience to immerse themselves in the spiritual world of a bygone era and to experience the fascination of religious rapture pictorially. In the interaction between the wooden body, virtual apparition and the visitors*, the spiritual myth of divine transcendence can be recreated, bearing witness to the power of art to make the invisible visible.

Christian Lemmerz, La Apparizione, 2017, Virtual Reality Artwork © Christian Lemmerz and Khora Contemporary

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