Schlossmuseum Linz


Two rooms of the Linz Schlossmuseum offer visitors an overview of Upper Austrian numismatics.

After an introduction into the subject matter, antique coins are presented through the example of the Kastner collection and the history of the collection is told via particularly exemplary pieces.

Afterwards, visitors move through the individual stations gaining information about the history of currency in Upper Austria from the High Middle Ages into the 18th century and are informed about medals in Upper Austria from the 16th century to the present.

The second room is exclusively dedicated to the coin finds and the historic currency on the territory of today’s Upper Austria from the Celtic times, which is shown using stray finds and treasure find complexes. Above all the Fuchshof treasure discovered in 1997 (buried in the 1270s) represents a highlight here.

There is also a printed guide to the permanent exhibition (see publications).

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