Schlossmuseum Linz


The permanent exhibition has musical instruments on display, which entered the museum from 1836. These currently include around 300 objects with a focus on important woodwind instruments.

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An endowment by the Kremsmünster monastery that year forms the foundation of the collection. It aims to illustrate Upper Austrian instrument manufacture using its products while also showing Upper Austrian musical life via the musical instruments used here, marking out the period from the 16th to the late 19th century.

The largest group with excellent examples of European instrument manufacture are the woodwind instruments. String, lute, brass and piano instruments are also on display.

The “Linzer Beethovenflügel”, a fortepiano originally owned by Ludwig van Beethoven, can be viewed in its own room. Its history and Beethoven’s relationship to Linz are on display around the instrument, for example Ludwig van Beethoven’s brother Johann was a chemist in Linz. An audio station plays samples of Beethoven’s piano music.

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