Peter Kubovsky Ohne Titel, 44 x 62 cm, 2 Farbplatten auf Japanpapier, Linolschnitt, 1968_69 © Margit Palme_klein.jpg

Peter Kubovsky – The Cut Female Image

Schlossmuseum Linz / 11. Feb. 2021 till 28. Mar. 2021


Date of the exhibition: 11 February - 28 March 2021
Schlossmuseum Linz

The Linz painter and graphic artist, Peter Kubovsky (1930-2014), is known particularly for his landscapes, city views and nude drawings, which are characterised by distinctively dynamic brushstrokes. In contrast to these is a scarcely known series of linocuts from the late 1960s, which is now being presented to the public for the first time in an exhibition at the Schlossmuseum. Entitled "Das geschnittene Frauenbild" ("The Cut Female Image"), the exhibition showcases linocuts by the artist that are a singular phenomenon within his oeuvre. Kubovsky varied the female image in numerous sheets and explored the possibilities of this special printing technique in fine, curved lines and accurately cut areas of colour. He experimented with diverse colour plates as well as with dynamic background ornamentation and details in clothing or accessories. Overall, the series is characterised by an astonishing formal range: from subjects consisting of a few reduced lines and coloured areas to sheets on which the artist combined various fragments of motifs to form a tableau. Most of the prints on translucent Japanese paper are unique or were produced in minimal editions.
Peter Kubovsky, who came to Upper Austria as a war refugee, was one of the first students at the newly founded School of Art of the City of Linz. He taught for several decades at the Academy and subsequent University of Art that emerged from it. In 2020 he would have celebrated his 90th birthday.

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