"Stretch out your feelers!"

Snails in all their glory

Biologiezentrum / 17. May. 2019 till 08. Mar. 2020

Special Exhibition

“Stretch out your feelers!” – Snails in all their glory

Opening: Thurs, 16 May 2019, 7 pm
Exhibition period: 17 May 2019 to 1 March 2020

Colourful patterns, gaudy colours, bizarre bodies, graceful movements and amazing solar propulsion – would you have thought these wonderful descriptions applied to snails? These creatures come up with some surprises at the exhibition “Stretch out your feelers! Snails in all their glory”!

Pretty snail shells are a popular holiday souvenir for anyone who likes collecting “shells”. Scientific collections in museums also began by preserving aesthetic, exotic and rare snail shells. Today, these form the basis for important questions relating to ecology, bionics and many other areas of research.

One astounding fact is that snails occur almost everywhere in the world. In the exhibition you will see examples from many different habitats, including even the world’s largest land snail as well as tiny freshwater snails. The secrets of the love dart, the snail king and the Spanish dancer are also disclosed in the exhibition.
Today, a few types of slugs drive gardeners and farmers in our part of the world to the verge of despair. Even otherwise good-tempered nature lovers on occasion resign themselves to the use of slug pellets. Is the chemical cosh really the only solution? No, for in addition to a wide variety of pesticide products on sale on the market, suitable combinations of several alternative strategies can also deter harmful slugs. In the Ecopark you will discover several approaches to resolving the problem.

The snail tour with information on indigenous snails and an enclosure with living farmed snails supplement the exhibition display in the Ecopark.

Why not stretch out your learning feelers and discover the symbol for deceleration in our natural environment?

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