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Between wartimes. Upper Austria from 1918 to 1938

Schlossmuseum Linz / 07. Feb. 2018 till 26. Jan. 2020

Special exhibition

Contemporary History Special Exhibition

Between wartimes. Upper Austria from 1918 to 1938

Opens: 6th of February 2018

Exhibition schedule: 7th of February to 23th of February 2020

Castle Museum Linz, North Wing

The special exhibition „Between wartimes. Upper Austria from 1918 to 1938“ presents the history of this Austrian federal state from its origins in November 1918 to the annexation by Nazi-German troops in March 1938. Firstly there is a short overview of the formation of the Duchy until the end of the First World War. In 1918, after the collapse of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the name „Oberösterreich“ was used to describe the province of the new Austria.

The whole period of the „Erste Republik“ (First Republic) was characterized by social and political insecurity. There were riots because of the hunger crisis. There also was a long term political crisis as the ideological antagonisms of political parties increased more and more. But nevertheless there was also technical, agricultural and industrial progress. This long phase of instabiltity found its first paramount in the Civil War in February 1934 and ended in the barbarism of Second World War.


Sendung "OÖ-HEUTE", Beitrag vom 11.12.2018
Eine Produktion des ORF Landesstudio Oberösterreich

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