Kubin-Haus Zwickledt

Freisitz Zwickledt is located high above the Inn river in the municipality of Wernstein. It is a compact castle-like structure with an agricultural tract connected at the rear. It is surrounded by a small park with old trees and a little pond.

Kubin-Haus Zwickledt is a very successful model of cultural communication as well as a regionally anchored and internationally oriented network. It also provides an exemplary offer of transnational cultural landscape. It has correspondingly established itself as an important focal point for cultural institutions in Upper Austria and Passau.

The Kubin-Haus Zwickledt’s content is assigned to the Landesgalerie Linz, the specialised scholarly institution for 20th century art. Since the year 2000, the Landesgalerie Linz has been putting together an annual exhibition programme in cooperation with the municipality of Wernstein, Kunstverein Passau and Kulturverein Landstrich. Approx. six exhibitions per year held at this special place endeavour to explore the phenomenon of drawing and the fascination with Alfred Kubin, for which each partner designs and organises one or two exhibitions per year.

The library bequeathed by Alfred Kubin is maintained by the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum library.

One of the most fascinating artist personalities of the 20th century lived in this house for many years: Alfred Kubin.

Born in 1877 in Leitmeritz, Bohemia, he grew up in Salzburg and Zell am See and was able to quite successfully establish himself in the Munich art scene after 1900.

In 1906 Alfred Kubin acquired Freisitz Zwickledt and subsequently relocated from Munich to Zwickledt, where he resided until 1959 (the year of his death).

The lion’s share of his visual art was created in Zwickledt. At this special place Kubin also wrote his renowned and only novel “Die andere Seite” (“The Other Side”) – one of the most important German-language works of fantastic literature.

After Kubin’s death Upper Austria acquired the land, which also received the Zwickledt artistic estate together with the Albertina Graphic Arts Collection, which it has managed since that time as a commemorative site.

The museum, as the “other side” of Kubin’s residence, has become quite a lively place in the past few years.

Visitors get the impression that Kubin has just left his house for his daily walk and could return at any moment.

In 2000 the agricultural tract was meticulously redesigned in coordination with the Bundesdenkmalamt [Austrian Federal Monuments Office]. A special Kubin memorial room was built on the ground floor, which presents important examples of his drawings. The upper storey is equipped with a multi-functional event room.

Tours of the house are only possible with a guide!


  • Tues, Wed and Thurs 10.30 am 2.30 pm
  • Fri 10.30 am und 5.30 pm
  • Sat, Sun, holidays 2.30 and 16.00 pm


Groups (from 10 people) can arrange tours outside of opening times with advance booking. Total cost €5 per person.

Dream workshops are also offered (Programmes specially designed to appeal to children and youths)!

admission fees

Adults: €3.50
Discounted and groups from 10 people: €2
Children: €1
Familienkarte [Family ticket]: €5
Saisonkarte [Season ticket]: €10
Tour ticket/person: €1.50

Family Sunday: Every 1st Sunday of the month is family Sunday, which means free admission to the Oberösterreiches Landesmuseum with the OÖ Familienkarte [Upper Austrian family ticket].

Seniors on Thursday: Free admission for seniors on the 1st Thursday of the month.



An exciting workshop programme on the permanent Alfred Kubin exhibition for young and old is offered. This is suitable for private groups, school classes, childcare groups and art lovers from 5 years old.

Advance booking for appointments.

Workshop rates
Children: €5
Adults: €8
Families (from 2 people): €13
2 people: €9

Kubinhaus - Vermittlungskonzept


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