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In the village of Grosspiesenham in the municipality of Pramet stands the birth house of the poet Franz Stelzhamer (* 29 Nov. 1802 Grosspiesenham, † 14 July 1874 in Henndorf bei Salzburg), author of the poem "Hoamatgsang", which was set to music by Hans Schnopfhagen and elevated to the status of national anthem by resolution of the Upper Austrian State Parliament on 28 Nov. 1952. The memory of the most important Upper Austrian dialect poet is held aloft here in his birth house in Grosspiesenham No. 26, a small property in wooden block construction. The "Muadastüberl" room and its furniture is preserved here.

The “Muadastüberl” museum room in the monument can be visited free of charge from April to October.

The house owned by the Stelzhamer family passed in 1907 from the ownership of Michael Stelzhamer, a nephew of the poet, to Dr Hans Zötl as Chairman of the Stelzhamerbund (Stelzhamer association) and in 1943 ownership was assumed by the Upper Danube Reichsgau of the time, the legal successor of which is currently the State of Upper Austria. Effective 1 Jan. 1994 the house has been professionally managed as a branch of the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum.

The farmstead is built in the block design characteristic for the region. The "Muadastüberl" room on the ground floor with an interior from the early 19th century, remains largely unchanged and reflects the circumstances of Stelzhamer’s youth.

Visitors here get to know the simplicity and austerity of living conditions in a small farming household in the Vormärz [Pre-March period]. Various objects also refer to the biography of the poet.


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