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At the suggestion of the owner of Schloss Ebelsberg, Llewellyn Freiherr von Kast (born 1926) the “new” weapons collection of the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum distributed over several locations was presented as a permanent exhibition in a section of his castle in 1986. In addition to the military history display collection, there is also the k.k. Marinemuseum administered by the Kulturverein Schloss Ebelsberg in cooperation with the Kast’schen Gutsverwaltung.

Chronologically the exhibits in the military history display collection are arranged in order from the Napoleonic Wars until the re-emergence of the Austrian armed forces in the Second Republic. The objects contained therein include edged weapons from the 18th to the 20th century, uniforms of the monarchy and objects from two Linz infantry regiments (k.u.k. Infanterieregiment No. 14 and k.k. Landwehrinfanterieregiment No. 2), which – together with the paintings by Karl Hayd and Leo Adler ‒ document the period of World War I. Weapons from WWII and products from Steyr Waffenfabriksgesellschaft are also represented. In addition to Upper Austrian military history, these also symbolise the development of armaments factory Steyr and its products, the current international success of which began with the Werndl rifle in 1867.

The military history collection has existed since the 1960s and was created through the acquisition of the remaining inventory from the former Hessenmuseum and items from the museum of the former “Zweier-Schützen” (privates). In addition, all of the military history objects came from the field of historic weapons. The collection thus includes museum items, which are associated with the military units formerly stationed in Upper Austria. Additional topics are presented, including such events as the Battle of Ebelsberg in 1809.

Special highlights from a local history perspective are the uniformed figures of Captain ret. Helmut Krauhs (1912 ‒ 1995), which represent “true to life” members of all of the military units garrisoned in Upper Austria, bearing the authentic garments and equipment. A small portrait gallery rounds out the military history collection in Schloss Ebelsberg.

Maintenance of the display collection in Schloss Ebelsberg since 1987 has been in the hands of a voluntary employee, consultant Mag. Reinolf Reisinger (born 1941). Due to his extensive knowledge, Reisinger managed to expand the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum’s collection of “new weapons” and supplement it through his excellent contacts. The collection exhibited in Ebelsberg is currently one of the most important and most comprehensive weapons collections in Austria from the 19th and 20th century and with respect to quantity it is only surpassed by the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna.

Tours of the exhibition are possible at any time by phoning to register and make an appointment. These are handled by Mag. Reinolf Reisinger or Mr Heino Hintermeier.

For tour information and registration please contact Ms Mag.ª Isabella Maria van Helberg.
T +43 (0)732 3076 32


Admission: €4

Groups: €3 per person


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